The Mason-Dixon Roller Vixens (MDRV) are a women’s flat track roller derby league and a member of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA).

MDRV was formed in June 2007 and began skating at I-Skate 81 in Greencastle, P.A. The first two years were spent learning how to play professional roller derby, filling in game line-ups, doing introductions and exhibitions.  By December 2009, we had completed our first full game season! In March 2010, MDRV became a part of the WFTDA Apprentice Program.  Two years later, in March 2012, MDRV was inducted as a Class B member of WFTDA.  The league now consists of two teams, the Mason Dixon Roller Vixens All-Star Team and a B Team, the Cannon Brawlers.  We practice and host games at Turners Skate Palace in Hagerstown, MD.

Mission Statement: “MDRV is a women’s roller derby league dedicated to sportswomanship, physical fitness,
personal and social development and community involvement. MDRV strives to support our
league by partaking in competitive bouting under WFTDA rules, teamwork and
encouragement. We support our community through sisterhood, outreach, fundraising and
volunteering. By adhering to the “for the skaters, by the skaters” ideology we practice
discipline, dedication, compassion, fairness and the power of hard work to achieve our goals.”


Turner’s Skate Palace
17333 Virginia Ave
Hagerstown, MD 21740

Tuesday: 8:30pm – 10:30pm
Thursday: 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Sunday: 7:30pm – 9:30pm

Have you always wanted to play roller derby? We would love to have you! We are now recruiting women 18+ who have the heart and desire to excel in a fast paced, hard working, and competitive environment.

New trainees (aka Fresh Meat) have two opportunities per year to join our team: every February and August. We train new skaters as a group and help you build the skills you will need to be a successful roller derby player. Our Fresh Meat Program lasts approximately 4 months and is taught by 3-4 of our experienced Vixens. For detailed information on our Fresh Meat program, click here. We also hold a few Fresh Meat Open House information sessions a few times per year prior to the new cycle to go over our program and give you a chance to ask any other questions you may have.

If you don’t think playing roller derby is for you, but you still want to be involved, we have many ways to do so!

Officials: We are always recruiting for skating and non-skating officials. For more information on how to become an MDRV official, please click here.

Volunteers: We have two types of volunteers that can get you involved with the team. The first is a Bout Day Volunteer. This means you help the team on game day, which can include setting up the tracks or chairs, selling merchandise, taking tickets, selling beer, and everything else that makes the event run efficiently and smoothly. Bout Day Volunteers must be 18+ and get free admission to the bout and free food at the after party! For more information about volunteering on bout day, please contact our Facebook page.  The second type of volunteer is what we call a Worker Bee and they help contribute to the business operations of the league. This could be serving in one of our voted positions or joining one or more of our committees. For more information on how to become a Worker Bee, please contact [general info email address]



New skaters have two opportunities per year to join our team: every February and August. We train new skaters as a group and help you build the skills you will need to be a successful roller derby player. Our Fresh Meat Program lasts approximately 4.5 months and is taught by 3-4 of our experienced Vixens.

There are three practices per week, which are geared entirely to Fresh Meat. Our program is broken down into two tiers; the first tier consists of foundational skating and basic derby skills (non-contact) and the second consists of contact and more complex skills. For a detailed look at all of the minimum skills you’ll be learning, check out the WFTDA Minimum Skills Requirements (hyperlink to the MSRs).

To remain active in the Fresh Meat program, you must maintain 66% attendance each month, the same attendance requirement as the Vixens have.  Once you graduate from the Fresh Meat Program, you will be able to choose your name and number, you’ll be an official member of MDRV’s Cannon Brawler’s, and you’ll be eligible to test for MDRV’s All Stars and eligible for MDRV’s WFTDA charter.

Fresh Meat FAQ’s: 

Q: What is the minimum amount of equipment I will need to play roller derby? 

A: You’ll need skates, a skate helmet, indoor wheels, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, and a mouth guard.

Q: Will I need all of this equipment on my first day of practice? 

A: Nope! You can use rental skates from Turner’s Skate Palace, free of charge, as long as you’re in the Fresh Meat program. We also have some old, mismatched gear that you can borrow from us, but we wouldn’t recommend using that for long and we can’t guarantee that all of the gear you will need is available. Buy your own gear as soon as possible! It’s the safest and cleanest option. One thing you will definitely need to bring on your first day of practice is your own mouth guard, as we don’t have old ones available to borrow (that would be gross!) : )

Q: What else will I need during practice? 

A: Make sure you wear comfy clothes, such as leggings or workout pants, and don’t forget to bring water or a sports drink to keep you hydrated!

Q: Where can I buy this equipment at? 

A: Lucky for us, we have a few skate shops locally where you can try on and purchase gear – we’d encourage you to buy local whenever you can! There are tons of online shops as well. Here is a list of some shops we recommend: Derby Star Pro Shop in Frederick, MD; As The Bearing Turns in Waynesboro, PA; Department of Skate in Washington, D.C.; Bruised Boutique and Wicked Skatewear. (Hyperlink all of the skate shops)

Q: How much can I expect to pay for gear? 

A: There are tons of different choices available for all of your required gear, which means prices can greatly vary. Many places sell starter or Fresh Meat packages, which include all of your required gear for around $200 – $500, depending on the type of skates and pads that are offered in the package. As you continue your roller derby journey, there will be plenty of time to upgrade gear and invest more money into your equipment. We know how overwhelming equipment purchases can be, so just email us or come to one of our Open Houses and we can give you more information.

Q: Do I need insurance? 

A: There is mandatory league insurance through WFTDA that everyone on the league, including Fresh Meat skaters must pay. The cost is $70 per year and will be prorated if you join midseason. We do not require primary health insurance to play roller derby, but it wouldn’t hurt if you had it!

Q: What other costs can I expect? 

A: Besides purchasing equipment and insurance, there are monthly dues of $35 per month to remain an active member of the league. Once you graduate from the Fresh Meat Program, you can expect to purchase a uniform in the range of $50. Once you are eligible to skate in bouts, you can also expect to pay money towards traveling.

Q: What do you recommend I do in order to prepare for your Fresh Meat Program? 

A: Get on skates! The more comfortable you are being on skates, the better prepared you’ll be. There are two roller skating rinks in town – go whenever you can to their open skate sessions. Also, we can’t recommend cross-training enough! Some things to work on to get you started: plyometrics, yoga, squats, lifting weights, planks, crunches, and push-ups are all helpful. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and eating healthy, too.

Besides preparing physically, we also recommend you research flat track roller derby online: watch roller derby videos, learn the rules from WFTDA, and watch videos!

Q: Besides skating, what else can I expect to be doing when I join the league? 

A:MDRV is a 403(b) non-profit that is run entirely by us, the skaters. In order to keep our business and league going and keep us skating, all members hold a position or join a committee to help. As a new Fresh Meat skater, we’ll ask you to join one of our committees, such as Fundraising, Sponsorship or PR. This will help you learn more about our league and how it works and will help contribute to the growth of the league, which you’re now apart of!

Q: After reading all of this, I’ve decided playing roller derby isn’t for me. Are there any other ways I can be involved?  

A: Yes! We are always looking for officials or volunteers. Check out our Become an Official page or Join MDRV page to learn more!


Q: What IS Women’s Flat-Track Roller Derby?

A: Roller derby is a contact sport that consists of two teams that designate four blockers and one jammer to skate around a track in the same direction, in an attempt to lap the opposing team and score points, playing both offense and defense simultaneously.

Q: How do you play modern roller derby?

A: Click on the link below for an example of how WFTDA roller derby is played.

The Basics of Flat Track Roller Derby-WFTDA  (new link)

Q: What should I expect if I join the team?

A: Roller derby is a competitive sport that is time consuming and will push you physically and mentally. The Mason-Dixon Roller Vixens are not a recreational team. We practice three times per week (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays).  Practices typically last two hours however they can last longer depending on what events are coming up.  The Mason-Dixon Roller Vixens are part of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) and are continually growing as a team and as competitors.

On the non-skating side, we are a business. We depend on our league members to work together to make our business successful. There are many committees and/or jobs within the league and once you join you are expected to volunteer for one of them.  Yes, you have to pick at least one.  This is in addition to attending and/or working at our fundraisers and events. It’s best to keep yourself informed and involved. All league members are held to the same high standards, and as a representative of our league you must conduct yourself in a respectable manner during all league events and games.

Q: When do I get to pick a derby name?

A: When joining our league as a skater, you will be required to complete our four and a half month Fresh Meat Program.  Once you graduate from FM by passing your WFTDA Minimum Skills Requirement Test (MSR’s), you become a Vixen and can choose a derby name and number.”